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Champs Only

Champs Only Inc. is the industry leader in first-to-market commemorative sports championship books, iconic and legendary personalities, and marquee pop culture events. When a sports team clinches a championship in the Super Bowl, Final Four, World Series, College Football Playoff, Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, we will have a 160-page book distributed throughout the market through major retailers on the day of the championship parade. Each Champs Only, Inc book is 100% original and written in the language of the winning fan base, exclusively for them. Our cover designs, layouts and content is noticeably superior, and customers respond accordingly, knowing a commemorative championship book produced by Champs Only is THE one book fans not only want, but must have.

Tom Zenner

Author Tom Zenner

Tom Zenner has a diverse sports media background and an expertise that allows him to instantly identify with fan bases in every major sport in every major city, and immediately make the magic of an entire season come alive in the pages of a Champs Only book. For over 15 years Tom was a prominent television sports anchor at major market stations in Phoenix (ABC and NBC), Chicago (NBC 5), and Boston (Fox 25). He was also the host and emcee for the Phoenix Suns and is a regular sports commentator on television stations, including NBC Los Angeles and ABC 15. Tom has written over 50 commemorative sports championship books, as well as books on Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and the Royal Wedding. Tom is also a magazine feature writer, with over 40 cover stories published, and served as Contributing Editor for Maxim Magazine and Details Magazine, a columnist for MSNBC, and is the Executive Editor of Jetset Magazine.

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